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Certification at DEKRA

Managing a company is getting more complex every day. Now more than ever, companies and other organisations are having to adapt to rapidly changing markets and all kinds of regulations – all the while continuing to work efficiently and systematically in this dynamic environment. The markets also demand transparency, customer-specific solutions and reliable high quality. Having a certification shows that you have your processes in hand. But that is only the first step. We at DEKRA don't view certifications as an end in themselves, but, rather, as a tool.

Certification proves that you have issues such as quality, safety and sustainability under control. This shows that your organisation has recognised how important it is to have a clearly defined structure for business processes, and that you also implement this in practice. It also ensures that you comply with prevailing laws and regulations, thus mitigating the risks for your customers. And: certification gives your customers assurance that you work efficiently and can therefore offer your service as a good price. 






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