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What are Assessment Services?

What are Assessment Services? Entrepreneurial thinking means thinking ahead. We are living in a time of rapid innovation: New ideas take hold faster and progress further than ever before. At the same time, the world is getting smaller every day, which gives every company the chance to become globally successful. These developments harbour enormous potential – but also risks. Who and what can one rely upon when entering new territory? What will society expect from you tomorrow?

Assessment Services by DEKRA provide you with evidence and criteria, with which you can lay the foundation stone for a successful, sustainable future of your company, going beyond the legal and official requirements. To do this, our experienced teams offer you a broad range of certificates, tests, audits and assessments.

  • For your company and its employees

    With our Assessment solutions, we offer you an exact picture of your company's performance and its employees.

  • For your suppliers and partners

    The following sustainable criteria, which can be flexibly adapted to future developments, are necessary to evaluate business processes.

  • For your interface to the customer

    Use our know-how so that you can recommend yourself as a viable partner for all players, who are now increasingly mindful of ethical responsibility, excellence, safety and quality.

Which processes would you like to test?

Whatever your objectives – whether you would like to ensure your suppliers' compliance with your company standards, to prevent damage to your image, or you would like to offer your solutions in new markets, protect your business operations or analyse market prospects – our experts will help you to achieve these goals efficiently and safely.