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Supplier and supply chain assessments

More and more often, products are made up of countless parts produced at many different locations all around the globe. Although there is a trend in some areas in favour of local products produced locally, an international supplier network does not necessarily have to be a negative thing. The categories good or bad do not work here; however, categories such as simple/complex/ more complex or independent/dependent/more dependent work very well.

This also gives an indication of the conflict area in which many companies now find themselves. Dependencies and complexities are on the increase, and sometimes this can go unnoticed until something doesn't go to plan. Our DEKRA experts are there for you with their know-how when you need to analyse processes and connections to various interest groups (e.g. suppliers, suppliers of suppliers, customers, etc.), identify risks and areas of weakness, and develop workable solutions. The following is an extract from our service range:

Process analyses
Process assurance up until system acceptance
Supplier dependencies and resulting issues
Supplier evaluation
Supplier development
Safety and quality assurance in the logistics chain (e.g. secure parking, TAPA standards, ISO 28000)

Do you need assistance with one of the above topics or a related topic, or would you like an external perspective on your problem? Then please get in touch with our contact, Mr. Christian Gröning