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Safety Culture Ladder - For safe collaboration

Safe working with the SafetyCultureLadder

It is crucial to have a safe working environment. By providing safe working conditions you benefit your employees and boost your market opportunities.

They help you safeguard the health of your employees and strengthen your market position. Companies that abide by the principles of occupational health and safety have better chances of success in bidding procedures.

Certification based on the SafetyCultureLadder attests to the safe conditions in which your employees work.

What is the SafetyCultureLadder?

The SafetyCultureLadder is a method of measuring the occupational safety awareness levels of your organisation's contractors or suppliers, and of your own employees.

The purpose of the SCL is to promote awareness of occupational safety and safe working practices. A review based on these requirements can yield major benefits.

Main advantages of the SafetyCultureLadder
  • You promote safe working
  • You can prove that you work safely
  • If you can demonstrate that you work safely, this increases your chances of success in bidding processes
DEKRA offers advice on and assistance in developing the SafetyCultureLadderOur trained auditors and consultants are on hand to help you set up your own SCL.
Certification by DEKRA

The DEKRA experts have been working with the SafetyCultureLadder for years.

Our experts conduct audits and reference audits in the Dutch and German markets for well-known clients such as Tennet and ProRail.

In the interests of efficiency, DEKRA provides a single point of contact to assist you in completing the process.

You can also contact us with regard to other product or system services. Describe your situation to us and we’ll come up with a solution.